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JANGO bvba
Krommedijk 43, 5.4
B-8301 Knokke-Heist - Belgium
Tel +32 50 51 20 31
Mobile +32 475 60 06 35
Fax +32 50 51 90 38
e-mail: johan.goethals@jango.be
Coke, Coal & Carbon Products - Technical Consult
Delivery direct from the manufacturer
Jango attempts as much as possible to deliver products directly from the manufacturer. Regular visits and inspections on-site ensure correct product specifications. Where possible, delivery is made from the manufacturer to the customer without intermediate stock. If processing is necessary (sifting, for example), this is followed up in detail. Transport is organised by Jango, unless the customer specifies otherwise. In any case, the transport to possible intermediate stock is handled and monitored by Jango.

Personal advice based on experience
Jango strives to maintain good personal contacts with manufacturers and customers. Years of experience as manufacturer and the resulting technical knowledge that has been accumulated assist Jango in advising the customer.

Long-term relationships
Jango's goal is to build up a relationship over the long-term. To this end, Jango purchases and delivers products that precisely fulfil the customers' specifications, delivers these just in time, follows up the process down to the last detail, with the necessary guarantees and a competitive price.
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