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JANGO bvba
Krommedijk 43, 5.4
B-8301 Knokke-Heist - Belgium
Tel +32 50 51 20 31
Mobile +32 475 60 06 35
Fax +32 50 51 90 38
e-mail: johan.goethals@jango.be
Coke, Coal & Carbon Products - Technical Consult

Who is Jango?

Jango is a company set up by Johan Goethals. Johan Goethals worked as technical/commercial manager for Belgian coke producer Carcoke NV from 1984 to 1997. After the closure of Carcoke in 1997, Goethals Johan bvba was established. The name was changed to JANGO bvba in July of 2005. Jango's main activity is trading in metallurgic coke, foundry coke, petroleum coke, anthracite, coal and other carbon-related products.

Partners, experience and technical knowledge

Direct contact with producers, in-house organisation of the transport and treatment, years of experience and extensive technical knowledge make it possible for Jango to deliver quality products that meet customer requirements. Jango delivers to industry throughout Europe, by truck, train and ship.

Strategic partnership

Jango has concluded a cooperation agreement with NV Ets. J&P Catteaux

Technical consulting

Jango also provides technical consulting and expertise. Contact us for more information

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